50 years of wonderful heritage...

SHAMA represents three generations of family heritage that have grown up around the sweet smell of Oudh and Attars.

Welcome to the world of Shama Perfumes, where fragrance becomes an art, and each scent is a masterpiece crafted with passion and heritage.

A dream founded by Mr. Umar. J. Shama from his encounter with Arab tourists that would visit Mumbai for its many wonders and offerings.

The flame of Shama was born in 1977 in the bustling city of Mumbai, where its flagship store still stands today in the heart of Colaba. A legacy that is steeped in India’s rich culture and taste for perfumery oils (Attars) and rare raw materials such as Agarwood (Oudh). Shama instinctively found its place as one of the most trusted allies within the Oudh & Fragrance Industry as a bespoke brand dedicated to serving only the highest quality of handpicked and curated Oudh and perfumes for elite clientele around the world.

Shama Enterprises, The Trident Hotel, Mumbai, India

SALIM & SALMAN, it’s a family affair…

After many years Shama has crafted a family of distinguished customers, which is strengthened through the loyalty and trust of its directors Salim and Salman Shama.

Salman and Salim personally oversee every fragrance creation, ensuring only the finest ingredients are used, making Shama Perfumes a trusted name worldwide.

Tradition Meets Contemporary Elegance

In 2020 Shama rebranded its logo and identity to provide a stronger brand experience for all of its clients. Rest assured, Shama’s unwavering dedication to delivering the highest-quality perfumes, trusted and cherished by its clients, remains steadfast and unaltered.

As we step into this new chapter, we are excited to continue our journey of innovation, tirelessly striving to bring the very best products and experiences.

OUR philosophy


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