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Shama Perfumes

Royal Rituals Gift Set 1

Dhs. 970.00

A curated experience that adorns you in opulence, with three types of agarwood and three beautifully crafted Dehnal Ouds. This collection is a sensory journey, celebrating the art of wearing oud and capturing the regal elegance of Middle Eastern fragrant traditions. Perfect for connoisseurs and those seeking a taste of Arab luxury.

What’s Inside:

Khashab Oud:

  • Khashab Hindi Suyufi Khas 12g
  • Khashab Hindi Digga Khas 12g
  • Khashab Hindi Digga Saghir Khas 12g

Dehnal Oud:

  • Dehnal Oud Khussusi Kadim 3ml
  • Dehnal Oud Hindi Syufi Khas 3ml
  • Mukhallat Khayal 3ml

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A refreshing yet sophisticated fragrance that combines fruity, woody, and musky olfactory notes.

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